Bridge always examines the opportunities for your organization according to your company’s goals. We supply creative solutions that go beyond securing the first available policy. You will benefit from our many years of experience and expertise in various areas of risk management and you will have one of our partners as your fixed contact person. We firmly believe that personal contact and long-lasting relationships generate the best results.

Risk management is, by definition, an on-going process. Because your organization’s risk profile is subject to constant change, it needs to be closely monitored. Together with you we anticipate changes. Has anything changed within your company? What are the implications for your business of any new legislation and regulations? Is your company expanding internationally? Is there evidence of increasing competition? All challenges – from delivery terms to cybercrime and from health and safety legislation to terms and conditions of employment – are included in the review process, in which sustainability and sound management are the guiding factors.

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Business Dimensions

Bridge assesses risks not per instance but in terms of inter-relationships. We take the following business dimensions into account:

  • Continuity Insurance

How do you continually optimize the win potential of your organization? Bridge screens all aspects in which your company faces risks in terms of continuity, such as liability, company stagnation or debtor and financial loss.


Your workforce is probably the company’s most important capital and so, as a minimum, you need a good staff policy and pension scheme. But we look further than this. What is the sick leave scheme like? And how much independence and flexibility would your employees like with regard to the terms and conditions of employment?


Damage from fires or storms can have a huge impact on the continuity of your business. In our screening we take into account all the company’s possessions, including property, equipment, goods held in stock, fleet and inventory.


In order to be able to properly advise you as a director and major shareholder (DGA) we first need to better understand your personal situation. What is your status in terms of family, living arrangements, work and income? And what changes do you expect in the future? Is your business your pension or do you have a different form of security? And what arrangements do you have for disability or death?


When assessing and itemizing the risks, it is essential to map out all the company’s production processes and procedures.

In some cases we bring in external experts, for example in the case of:

  • Fraud investigation
  • Legal professionals for legal questions
  • Statistical information
  • Automation of recognition of damage trends
  • Health and safety at work legislation
  • Fire prevention
  • Ground pollution
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