Bridge has been active for many decades in the field of pension advice and management, for both the larger SME companies and innovative start-ups and scale-ups. Detailed knowledge of the subject matter combined with years of experience mean that Bridge can offer creative, cost-effective custom solutions. But our services are not limited to advice and management alone; we can also provide individual pension advice for all your employees. And our communications in this regard are crystal clear.

Changes to legislation have led to the need for different pension schemes. Social welfare has become more limited, and many companies need to reduce costs. This often has consequences for terms and conditions of employment and pension schemes. We can imagine that you no longer have a completely clear overview of all these changes. Bridge ensures that you are able to save money when redeveloping existing pension schemes or developing new pension schemes.

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Bridge provides advice on personal and group pension solutions. On the basis of risk analysis we offer creative custom solutions within the specified budget and with several variables. Risks exist and arise in areas where people work, in areas where there are complex contracts (employment contracts and insurance contracts), and also in areas with a considerable amount of (changing) legislation. In practical terms this means that an employer can face, unintentionally and inadvertently, unnecessary financial claim risks of a fiscal or labour law nature. We believe it is our role to help you avoid or minimize these risks.


Our experts translate the complex and abstract aspects of pensions into clear, understandable language and factual information. We provide personal explanatory notes, plenary presentations, communications regarding changes to legislation, and we also explain how the previous year’s investments have performed. All in way that everyone can understand.


Efficient pension administration leads to low management costs, which in turn mean a higher yield. Bridge takes care of all input and output through the insurer, forwards any changes, carries out checks, and provides information concerning relevant changes in legislation.

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The Works Councils Act (WOR) provides, via article 27 paragraph 1, for the right of consent for establishing, changing or terminating insured pension plans. But the works council members need to know what they are or are not consenting to. Bridge helps and advises works council members in the field of pension schemes.


Bridge specializes in more complex pension queries and special cases. Which rules apply in the case of mergers and acquisitions, how do things work with internationalization and existing early retirement schemes, and what are all the various options in terms of pension funds?