Bridge supports entrepreneurs and companies in matters relating to operational reliability and business continuity. We do this by being the primary contact for our clients for all matters relating to risk management, insurance and pension schemes.


Business risk management has become increasingly complex in recent years for a number of reasons, including globalization and changing legislation and regulations. In order to guarantee the continuity of your business, we apply our expertise in pensions, insurance and risk management across the full breadth of your company. We firmly believe that personal, company-wide support benefits your company’s longevity and continuity, offering both organizational and cost-efficient added-value. We find it only natural that this involves direct contact between you and one of our partners.


Each and every one of Bridge B.V. partners and employees is a specialist with unparalleled expertise within their own specialist area. They are consummate professionals who can transform complex subjects into clear information and practical advice which can benefit your company in the long term as well.


Our client portfolio is very diverse, ranging from international organizations to innovative scale-ups that destabilize the market, and from sustainable NGOs to established family businesses. Within this diversity we always aim to build up long-lasting, meaningful and personal connections.


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  • Ab Nettekoven
    Ab Nettekoven relation management non-life insurance

    +3185 – 760 07 02
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  • Marianne Segers
    Marianne Segers Administrative employee life insurance

    +3185 – 760 07 04
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  • Desiree Dofferhoff
    Desiree Dofferhoff relation management life insurance

    +3185 – 760 07 06
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  • Pauline Stougie
    Pauline Stougie relation management life insurance

    +3185 – 760 07 08
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  • Nikki Borg
    Nikki Borg Administrative employee life insurance

    +3185 – 760 07 00
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  • Daan Vis

    +3185 – 760 07 00
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