Van den Herik & Verhulst Advocaten – Arjen Kampherbeek


Since 2010 Bridge has been managing the collective pension insurances of Van den Herik & Verhulst Advocaten, a Rotterdam-based law firm that has existed for over 80 years and whose motto is ‘on top of the case’. Arjen Kampherbeek, who has been a partner in the law firm since 1997, already knew Bridge from the professional circuit and he sees definite parallels with their own office: “Bridge considers the client’s interests: they empathize and help us think. They utilize the perfect mix of professionalism and personal involvement.”


Van den Herik & Verhulst offers its employees a wide range of pension provisions. Arjen: “We have a very good group pension provision, but we noticed that our existing and new employees still had different needs within it. At our request, Bridge developed a customized cafeteria pension plan with a number of options within it. We made a conscious choice to offer all new employees a 1-on-1 assessment with Bridge when they started with us. This ensures that they receive personal advice, targeted precisely to their requirements.”


“What I like about our relationship with Bridge is that they provide well-thought-through advice and they work as though the money is their own, whether it is advice about the sick leave scheme, a change to existing legislation or a new pension regulation. You can see that they invest a lot in the relationship and that they combine expertise and experience with a serious interest in you as a client. This mindset and dedication characterizes them: like us, they are on top of the case.”

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