D/Dock – Coen van Dijck

“THROUGH BRIDGE WE SAVE APPROXIMATELY 30{3e2ed436ac9ff2282d88918f25c9d82fa851768a25b68526ae48ead89edea597} ON OUR PENSION COSTS”

The design agency D/DOCK (2004) creates interior designs and total concepts for a range of sectors, including workplaces, the education sector, the healthcare industry, retail, and the hospitality industry. Sustainability and an integrated and multidisciplinary approach are characteristic of this Amsterdam agency’s strategy. Coen van Dijck has been Managing Director of D/DOCK since 2011. If the company goes through a growth spurt and reorganizes its insurance schemes, Coen calls on Bridge, who he knows from his previous employment, for some help. “A very practical, prompt and precise organization,” according to Coen. “Since 2016 we have also taken out our collective pension scheme via Bridge, and this saves us approximately 30{3e2ed436ac9ff2282d88918f25c9d82fa851768a25b68526ae48ead89edea597} on costs.”


In 2015 Bridge guided D/DOCK in the transition from the industry-wide pension fund to their own, custom-made pension insurance scheme. Coen: “We had always been bound to the industry-wide pension fund for architectural firms, but we had doubts about this obligation. We are a multidisciplinary design agency and the average age at our agency is 35, while that at architectural firms is over 50. You therefore pay disproportionately more compared to other participating companies. Bridge gave us exceptional support in the legal action that we pursued and ultimately won. Because we no longer join in the industry-wide pension fund we save both in terms of the employer contributions and the employee contributions.”


“We always have so much to do here and we do not want to spend too much time on matters such as pensions and insurance schemes. That is where specialists like Bridge come in. They supervised the migration perfectly and with their knowledge of pensions they ensured that we were able to substantiate everything. Without them we would not have been able to manage this. But also if, for example, we enter into contracts with construction partners in which liability is under discussion, they always help us with their professional expertise. They engage very quickly: this is their daily business, which shows in everything they do.”

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