Bouwbedrijf Huurman Leiden – Bart Kortman


The construction company Huurman Leiden was established in 1897 and is probably one of the oldest construction companies in the Netherlands. From a tradition based on delivering excellent work and optimal service, the business has developed into a reliable partner. The relationship with Bridge was already established when director Bart Kortman joined the company in 1996: “I like that they keep you focused.”


The construction company Huurman Leiden has placed a range of insurances with Bridge, including CAR/assembly, corporate liability, buildings, inventory/goods, work equipment and pension insurances. Bart: “There are various different structures when it comes to construction projects. Sometimes you are the main contractor, sometimes a subsidiary partner and sometimes a subcontractor. Each of these has their own obligations and responsibilities. Clients have strict requirements for each situation. I often notice that everyone has questions about the contractor’s rights and obligations. I pass this on to Bridge and they quickly come back to me with a good and expert answer which allows me to immediately give the right answers to those asking the questions.”


Huurman undertake many projects where the sensitivity to damage is a little higher, for example renovating listed buildings or inner-city work. Bart: “If needed, Bridge will contact the client to obtain any information they need in order to provide us with the appropriate advice. I value this proactivity. Leaving something with them eases your mind a great deal, because you know that they will deliver a quality solution. You know that they are in control, and that is very reassuring.”

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